May 15, 2018 Storm Damage Forms

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Donahue Memorial Park

Zoning Board

Unofficial Zoning Map

Per Orange County Planning Department: "The Planning Department has not had these maps certified by the municipality as being accurate and up to date, and therefore they are not guaranteed to be a representation of the zoning map currently in use by the municipality".

This version of the map has only recently been received and is still being reviewed by the Village for accuracy.

Appeal Application Procedure

ZBA Application Package-Variances and Interpretations

Building Permits

Site Address Requirements from the Building Department

NYS requires address identification for all buildings to facilitate 911 emergency responses. The displayed numbers shall be installed on the front of the building and shall contrast with their background. Characters shall not be less than 4 inches in height with a stroke width of not less than ½ inch and must be visible from the street. Address numbers shall be alphabetical letters and Arabic numbers. Numbers are not to be spelled out.

Where access is by means of a private road and the building address cannot be viewed from the public way, a monument, pole or other sign or means shall be used to identify the structure. Address identification shall be maintained. Please comply within 90 days

Reference NYS building code R319.1

Planning Board

Site Plan Application Package Revised 12/7/10

Subdivision Application Package

View Preservation-Architectural Review Package

Police Department

Click HERE for ON-Line Vacant House Check Request Form

Click HERE to download Vacant House Check Request Form

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Cornwall-on-Hudson Employment Application

Application for employment with the Village of Cornwall-on-Hudson

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