Committee Members

Led Klosky, Chairperson

Mary Aspin, Vice Chair

Dominic Cordisco

Bill Grisoli

Lorraine McGuinness


Comprehensive Plan Committee

Citizens and Friends of Cornwall-on-Hudson:

The Comprehensive Plan Committee for the Village has been working diligently since 2017 to put together the attached Draft Comprehensive Plan for our beloved community. The comprehensive plan is a tool to help us envision, together, the future of our Village. Thus, it is important that we have an open, honest dialogue about the document, especially our Vision and Goals. These two elements, along with the rest of the plan, will help to inform and influence future decisions about our Village: the Village Board and others will look to this plan for guidance on things like open spaces, infrastructure, zoning and other important matters. With that in mind we invite you to read this draft, provide comments, and engage with the process; we'll be opening up a public meeting about the plan just as soon as is practicable - watch the Village Website for dates, and we'll hang out flyers as well. Soon, when the draft is completed, it will be delivered to the Village Board for their approval, providing another opportunity for citizen engagement.

Please understand that this is a draft, so there is plenty of opportunity for discussion, improvement, and feedback- everyone wants the very best plan for the Village, so we'll be listening.


Village of Cornwall-on-Hudson DRAFT Comprehensive Plan

                Appendix A – Historic Homes and Sites

                Appendix B – Zoning Considerations

                Appendix C – Cornwall Natural Resources Inventory (to be posted shortly)

                Appendix D – A Summary of Parcels in the Village