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People may use the mail slot (marked “BILLS”) located on the side of Village Hall to make payments on water bills during and after business hours, including weekends and holidays.

Water Department - Water Main Leak

Common Questions & Answers

  1. How do I know my water is safe to drink?
    When a water main break occurs, Water Department repair crews do several things to ensure that the water from a repaired water main is safe to drink when the work is done. They will:
    • FLOW water through the main, at a low rate, while excavating to repair the broken main. This prevents debris from entering the water line. The water flow is only shut off when water cannot flow back into the water system.
    • DISINFECT the new section of pipe before installing it.
    • FLUSH water through the repaired line to ensure the water is fit for consumption, to protect public health and ensure water quality.
  2. Is there a Boil Water Advisory?
    The necessity of a Boil Water Advisory will be determined after repairs are made to the water main. There is very specific guidance from the New York State Department of Health Department which will be followed to determine if a Boil Water Advisory is warranted. Should a Boil Water Advisory be necessary the Water Department will take the following steps:
    • The Orange County Health Department will be notified
    • Residents of the affected area will be notified by one or more of the following means:
      • Village of Cornwall-on-Hudson Facebook page
      • Cornwall, NY Office of Emergency Management Facebook page
      • Village of Cornwall-on-Hudson Code Red notification system
      • – Village Website
      • Hand delivered notices
      • Local media outlets
    • Water sampling of the affected area will take place following established guidelines from the Department of Health
    • The Boil Water Advisory will remain in place for a minimum of 48 hours
    • The Boil Water Advisory will be lifted following satisfactory results of the water sampling conducted by our staff and analyzed by a independent 3rd party laboratory
    • Residents of the affected area will be notified when the Boil Water Advisory is lifted in the same manner as when it was issued.
  3. How can sign up for the Village’s Code Red notification system?
    To be notified of hydrant flushing operations as well as all other General and Emergency notifications from the Village of Cornwall-on-Hudson, simply TEXT the keyword COH12520 to 99411 from your cell phone and follow the instructions to become signed up for our CodeRed messaging system. You may also sign up using the following web link:
  4. What if my water is discolored?
    In most cases, customers will not notice any difference in their water after a main break occurs. However, there are some occasions where area customers may notice temporary discoloration of their water.
    For example, water that appears milky is typically caused by tiny air bubbles in the line. This results from construction that vibrates the pipe. Air bubbles in pipes do not affect the quality or safety of the water. Generally, if you let the water sit, the bubbles will dissipate.
    If a customer notices any discoloration in their water, flushing out the affected property’s water line usually addresses this concern. Simply run a large faucet (like a bathtub) or hose bib for a few minutes to get rid of the air and color. If the issue persists, customers may call the Cornwall-on-Hudson Water Department M-F 7am – 3:30pm at (845) 534-4200 or the Cornwall Police Department after hours at (845) 534-8100 for further instruction or assistance.
  5. How do I get rid of air in my water line?
    If you suspect air in your lines, the easiest way to address this is to open a large tap, such as a bathtub faucet, while all other taps remain closed. Run the tap for five minutes, while monitoring for hissing or spitting sounds that may indicate air is still in the lines. Continue to run the water until no hissing or spitting sounds or additional air bubbles are released.
  6. How do I flush my property’s water line?
    To flush your property's water lines, you will need to run all your taps for approximately five minutes. Before you begin, be sure to remove the aerator or screen from any fixture. This will help to prevent any build-up from accumulating on them.
    • Check the main water supply valve to ensure the water in the house is turned on.
    • Starting with the faucet closest to the main water supply valve, turn on every outside faucet and then go inside the home. In a single-story home, begin with the tap closest to and end at the tap farthest from the main water supply valve. If you live in a multi-level residence, start with the highest tap on the top floor, and then move down to the bottom of the house.
    • Let the water run about five minutes. While the water is running, flush each toilet a couple of times.
    • After the five minutes have passed, turn off the taps in the reverse order.
    • Clean the aerators or screens and reattach them to the faucets.

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