Water Superintendent
Michael Trainor

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Administrative Assistant
Stephanie Xagoraris

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People may use the mail slot (marked “BILLS”) located on the side of Village Hall to make payments on water bills during and after business hours, including weekends and holidays.

Water Department


Since 1895 the Village of Cornwall-on-Hudson Water Department has provided water to residents of the Village of Cornwall-on-Hudson and Town of Cornwall. Our water system consists of three components that include a water supply, water treatment facilities and a water distribution system. Together, these components form a complex water system that our highly trained water professionals operate to ensure a safe and adequate supply of water to our community.

Our community’s water is supplied through a combination of source water which include our reservoir system in Black Rock Forest, our Taylor Road wellfield located in the Mountainville section of the Town of Cornwall and the New York City Catskill Aqueduct system. Together they encompass over 100 acres of Village watershed property and are capable of supplying our community with 3.9 million gallons of water to meet its daily needs.

Before any of our source water can be delivered to our community it must be treated at one of our three treatment facilities. Our Taylor Road wellfield water is solely treated for disinfection using sodium hypochlorite (chlorine) at its treatment facility, the water supplied from our reservoirs is filtered and disinfected using micro-membrane technology at the Black Rock Filtration Plant and the aqueduct water is filtered and disinfected at our Catskill Filtration Plant using a conventional type filtration process.

Once the water treatment process is completed the water can then be delivered to our community via our vast and complex water distribution system. On average 758,000 gallons of water is delivered daily to our consumers through 2,671 service connections and nearly 50 miles of water main. Additionally, our distribution system consists of 325 fire hydrants, 28 Pressure regulating valves, a 500,000-gallon storage tank and one pumping station to allow our water to reach the higher elevations of the village.

As you can see, much work must be accomplished for our consumers to enjoy our water at the turn of a faucet. It would not be possible without the dedicated and hard-working team of professionals that we employ. Our staff consists of NYS Department of Health licensed water treatment operators, skilled maintenance workers and administrative staff who interact with our customers on a daily basis. It is our profession and our commitment to provide “Quality On Tap” whenever you open a faucet for whatever needs you may have.

We hope that this brief overview of our water system helps you to better understand where your water comes from and the work that is involved to provide it to you. If you should have any other questions or concerns, please feel free to contact our office at any time.