325 Hudson Street
New York, 12520
Cornwall-on-Hudson Police Badge
911 for Emergencies
Fax: 845-534-4955

Chief of Police
Steven E. Dixon

845-534-4200 x321

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Cornwall-on-Hudson Police Department

Mission Statement

The primary mission of the Cornwall-on-Hudson Police Department is the protection of life, property and preserving the rights of others. Our Department will respond to duty with tact, professionalism, assertiveness, courtesy and compassion. When investigating crimes, we will act with diligence and dedicated efforts to ensure victims' rights and concerns are a top priority. The Department will act with unbiased character and maintain a high standard and degree of integrity. The Cornwall-on-Hudson Police Department takes tremendous pride in its' community and will maintain a, "Dedication to Service", to keep the Village a safe and beautiful community to live in. 


On Monday, July 04, 2022, from 3pm till 7pm, there will be NO PARKING permitted on both sides of Hudson Street from Payson Road West to First Street due to the 4th of July Parade.

Also, immediately following the 4th of July Parade, Hudson Street at First Street will be "closed- off" to vehicular traffic and will not be reopened until completion of the evening Fireworks Celebration.

On behalf of the Village of Cornwall-on-Hudson Police Department, I would like to wish everyone a Happy & Healthy 4th of July!!

Chief Steven E. Dixon

Village of Cornwall-on-Hudson PD