Village Clerk
Doris Wickiser

845-534-4200 x310
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Deputy Village Clerk
Deputy Treasurer
Meagan Gshwind

845-534-4200 x312
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Paula Howard

845-534-4200 x313

Part-Time Clerk
Suzy Yarmus

845-534-4200 x315

Village Hall
325 Hudson Street
Cornwall-on-Hudson, NY 12520

8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
Monday - Friday

(845) 534-4200

Village Clerk's Office

The Village Clerk’s Office provides many services to the residents of Cornwall-on-Hudson and the Village Clerk assumes many roles.  

The Village Clerk serves as the secretary to the Cornwall-on-Hudson Board of Trustees and is the direct supervisor of the Deputy Village Clerk, the Assistant Treasurer and Water Clerk.

The Village Clerk:

  • Prepares minutes of all Board of Trustees business meetings;
  • Serves as the Records Management Officer maintaining all village records;
  • Oversees and runs village elections.

Other responsibilities of the Village Clerk include:

  • Provides local laws to the Village Board and publishes notices of hearings;
  • Prepares and distributes resolutions; 
  • Notarizes documents (free);
  • Assists with grant applications;
  • Maintains Village Debt Book;
  • Conducts all debt closings;
  • Assists in annual budget preparation;
  • Updates Village Code Book.
Registrar of Vital Statistics

As Registrar of Vital Statistics, the Village Clerk performs genealogical searches and issues the following:

  • Home Birth Certificates;
  • Death Certificates & Burial Permits;
  • Certified copies of Birth or Death Records.
Tax Collector

As Tax Collector, the Village Clerk does the following:

  • collects all resident taxes;
  • finalizes Final Tax Roll documents;
  • maintains widespread distribution of tax bills; 
  • performs necessary tax searches.

The Village Clerk processes all unpaid taxes and are sent to County Finance Department.

Notary Public

The Village Clerk offers notary services. We will only notorize one signature unless an appointment is made in advance. We reserve the right to notarize at our discretion.

RiverFest Liaison/Secretary

The Village Clerk pays the bills for this festival.

Recreation Program Coordinator

As Recreation Program Coordinator, the Village Clerk assists in the applicants and director selection process and with the Director, makes purchases necessary for upcoming events.

The Village Clerk sends letters of employment from the office. The Village Clerk observes ongoing summer programs periodically and processes injury reports.


The Village Clerk handles requests for use of the gazebo for weddings at Donahue Memorial Park.

The mayor performs weddings at the gazebo and elsewhere.