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Welcome to the Village of Cornwall-on-Hudson website.  Please send comments, suggestions or questions to:
Brendan G.Coyne Mayor 534-4200, x311

Our office hours are Monday-Friday, 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM

Village E-Mail Notification System:

The Village of Cornwall-on-Hudson is offering a new emergency notification within the Village. In an emergency, you will receive messages from DPW, Water, Mayor, Clerk or Fire. The contact information is confidential and will be used for emergency purposes only.

CodeRed-keeping citizens informed

The Village of Cornwall-on-Hudson will continue with our e-mail notification system as well.  The notification system will be utilized for both routine issues including road closures, weather statements etc. and also for emergency notifications.  You may subscribe/unsubscribe by clicking here. Rest assured that your personal information will not be used for any other purpose.  If you have any questions regarding this system, feel free to email

Memorial Day observation

The Village of Cornwall on Hudson offices and sanitation and highway dept will be closed on May 25, 2015 in observance of Memorial Day. Sanitation crews will pick up the entire Village on May 26, 2015.


In accordance with federal regulations, the quarterly full-volume test of the Indian Point Siren System will be conducted on Wed, May 13th between 10 a.m. and 12 p.m.

During this full-system activation test, all sirens around Indian Point Nuclear Plants, including the sirens in Orange County, will be activated. During the test, sirens will sound simultaneously for about four minutes. The sirens will sound at full volume for the entire duration of the four minute test.

If there are any last-minute changes to the above scheduled test, we will advise all parties directly.

NO ACTION on the part of the public is necessary or required for this drill. However, if the sirens were sounded during an actual emergency, residents would be advised to listen to the Emergency Alert System via radio or television for information and instructions regarding follow up actions to be taken.

The next quarterly test is currently scheduled for Wednesday, September 16th.

If you have any additional questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact Shannon Fisher at SFisher at or via phone at 845-615-0552.

Summer Rec 2015

Village Summer Recreation Program starts July 6
The Village of Cornwall-on-Hudson will operate its Summer Recreation Program for six weeks, from July 6 through Aug. 14. [Press Release with program details]

Hudson River Artfest

The Second Annual Hudson River ArtFest will take place from noon to 4 p.m. on June 7, rain or shine, under a tent on the riverfront in Cornwall-on-Hudson. For more information and registration form see our ArtFest page.

Proclamation: Designating second full week in May as “Women’s Lung Health Week”

WHEREAS, The American Lung Association has created a national movement, called “Lung Force,” with the mission of uniting women to stand together to lead the fight against lung cancer.

WHEREAS, Every five minutes, a woman in the United States is told she has lung cancer; and

WHEREAS, Lung cancer is the #1 cancer killer of women in the United States; and

WHEREAS, the lung cancer death rate in women has almost doubled over the past 37 years; and

WHEREAS, advocacy and increased awareness will result in more and better treatment for women with lung cancer and other lung diseases and will ultimately save lives; and

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the Village of Cornwall-on-Hudson hereby designates the second full week in May as Women’s Lung Health Week throughout the village and encourages all residents to learn more about the detection and treatment of lung cancer.

With the consent of the Board of Trustees, I have set my hand hereto on this Twentieth day of April, 2015.

Brendan G. Coyne
Cornwall on Hudson, New York


Notice is hereby given that the Village of Cornwall-on-Hudson Board of Trustees will hold a Special Meeting at 5:30pm on Thursday, January 22, 2015 at 325 Hudson Street, Cornwall-on-Hudson, N.Y. in order to continue the public hearing on the draft 2015-2016 Budget and to discuss other matters that may come before the board.

Jeanne Mahoney, Village Clerk

Public Hearing Notice

    Date: Monday, January 12, 2015
    Time: 7:01pm.

    PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that the Village Board of Trustees of the Village of Cornwall-on-Hudson will hold a public hearing regarding the setting of the annual budget for 2015.

    The meeting will be held on Monday, January 12, 2015 at 7:01 p.m. at the Village of Cornwall-on-Hudson Village Hall located at 325 Hudson Street, Cornwall-on-Hudson, NY 12520, or as soon thereafter as the matter may be heard.

    The Village Board of Trustees will hear all persons interested in the subject of the adoption of water rates for municipal drinking water at the above time and place.

    Persons may appear in person or by agent.  The Village Board at or prior to the public hearing must receive all written communications addressed to the Village Board in connection with the public hearing.  Public participation will be limited to 3 minutes for each individual. 

    The Village of Cornwall-on-Hudson will make every effort to assure that the hearing is accessible to persons with disabilities.  Anyone requiring special assistance should contact the Village Clerk.

    Dated:   December 15, 2014

    By Order of the Village Board of the
    Village of Cornwall-on-Hudson
    Jeanne Mahoney, Village Clerk

    2015 Budget

    Final Budget 2015

    New Resolution, Law and Draft 2015 Budget
  • Draft 2015-2016 Budget - updated 1/15/15
  • Local Law #2 of 2014
  • Resolution of Adoption
Community program - Backpacks For Food

There is a new community organization called Backpacks For Food (BFF). To get involved, you can visit their website at Drop off donations (There is a bin for food donations in the Village Office - Please see list of foods being accepted).

Hazard Mitigation Plan

The Town of Cornwall and Village of Cornwall-on-Hudson have jointly prepared the Hazard Mitigation Plan.  We are seeking input from Village Residents, Businesses and Organizations. After reviewing please, direct your input per the instructions on the Town Website.

Special meeting noticeS

See hearings page for details



Public Service Commission

The Public Service Commission has many brochures to help through the winter to view the selection follow this link. For a copy of any of these brochures call 888-Ask-PSC1.

FEMA Flyer
YellowBook Notice - 2014

Yellowbook phone book delivery of the Northern Orange County, NY directory.
Approximate Delivery Start Date -11/10/2014
Approximate Delivery End Date -12/8/2014

To order additional Yellowbook directories, please call 1-800-YB Yellow {l-877-607-0775). You have the choice about future phone book directories. Residents can opt-out by visiting and can learn more about recycling options at The pdf flyer linked to here features recycling and opt-out information.

Selected Financial Activities - Report of Activities
Village Board Work Session and Village Business Meeting and Zoning Board Meeting

Supporting documents and agenda for meeting are available for review on hearings page.

ROA Terminating Status of Village as an Assessing Unit


Water bills can be placed into the drop-box (located on the side of Village Hall) during and after business hours (including weekends and holidays).


MS4 (Municipal Separate Storm Sewer Systems) Draft & Annual Reports are posted on MS4 page


Here is a link for Hurricane Preparedness:

New York Storm Relief Rebate Program

Also tips on preparing for all-hazards:

The number for FEMA assistance is (800) 621-3362. The website is


Link to Updated Budget for 2014-15
Final Budget 2013 in PDF format (earlier budgets may be found on Archives page)

Stop The Tax Shift:

The New York Conference of Mayors has launched a public education campaign to defend property taxpayers from tax shifts that may be pushed from the state onto cities and Villages. This campaign will deliver a unified message through a new NYCOM-designed single-issue Web site, State and local officials, the media and the public will be able to utilize this site to understand the direct connection between state actions - e.g., state aid and state mandates - and New York's real property tax burden.

Local officials and private citizens will also be able to use the Web site to deliver this message directly to state leaders, legislators and opinion-makers.

Recycling Dumpsters:

For the convenience of Village residents, recycling dumpsters are available Monday through Friday from 7:30am to 4:00 pm at the DPW Facility, located at 50 Shore Road. Any questions please call the DPW office at 534-7600.

Unwanted Phone Books:

Please find below the links to two websites intended to help stem the tide of unwanted phone book deliveries. is an organization working to educate consumers and promote the green movement to eliminate the unsolicited delivery of Yellow and White Pages books. This site is aimed at starting a national movement to solicit the White/Yellow Pages industry to proactively stop the delivery of books or to begin moving legislation to mandate the stoppage of this activity. This movement should be similar to the National No-Call Registry that have stopped and/or decreased the number of unwanted solicitations telephone calls to consumers. will expedite an end to this needless environmental waste, educate consumers on free and easy alternatives, and shed light on the growing inaccuracy of readership statistics that drive advertisers to still invest in this antiquated medium.

The Village of Cornwall-on-Hudson does not endorse nor advise any action to be taken by any individual however provides the above for informational purposes.

NY-Alert Now Available:

NY-Alert can warn people of extreme weather, hazardous materials spills, road closures, terrorist attacks and much more.

But you won't get the warning if you don't register. To enroll, visit the system's Web site at, then click the "sign up" option along the left side.

Your local emergency managers will be able to contact only your home phone if you do not register your cellular number, fax number or e-mail address.

Registration is broken up by county, town and the variety of alerts a person wishes to receive. Public safety officials said some parents are signing up for alerts in the town where their children are attending college, just to stay informed.

The above was reported by the Times-Herald Record on Sunday April 27, 2008.  Click HERE for the entire article.

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