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Mayor's Halloween Note

October 30, 2020

Dear Village Folks:

So, the Village of Cornwall-on-Hudson will allow Trick or Treating on Halloween, Saturday, October 31, in this year of the pandemic. We want our children to experience the fun of this cultural tradition. And we want everyone to stay safe.

So, Trick or Treaters must wear face masks – in addition to masks for their costumes. And they must social distance and travel in small numbers, with kids in their circles.

Parents, please instruct your children to be safe, to abide by COVID-19 precautions that have been in effect since March.

There should be minimal car traffic – some village neighborhoods have hundreds of children on our streets. Be aware of the hazards of wet leaves on our streets. As usual, Village Police Chief Steve Dixon will have officers patrolling.

To those handing out the goodies, you have several options:

  • Wear a mask yourself as you distribute candy;
  • Place candy outside on your porch/stoop or at the end of your driveway;
  • Don’t participate this year – everyone will understand your need to be cautious.

As usual, I’ve issued a curfew for Halloween - Trick or Tricking will end at 8 p.m.

Have fun and be safe.

All the best,

Brendan Coyne


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