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Mayor's Update 2-12-21

Friday, February 12, 2021


Dear Village Folks:

The Village created a bit of history Monday night, annexing property from the Town of Cornwall and adopting a new comprehensive plan.


The Village Board met with the Town Board to conduct a joint Public Hearing regarding the annexation. It was the first joint meeting in more than a dozen years. It would appear that everyone recognizes the benefits to all because no one spoke at the public hearing. Attorney for the Village John Furst outlined the benefits, including a more efficient operation of the Village water system and the annual savings of $60,000 in town and school taxes. Later, in separate meetings, both boards approved the annexation.


The Village Board also passed the 2020 Comprehensive Plan Monday night. I want to thank the Comprehensive Plan Committee, Led Klosky, chair; Mary Aspin, Deputy Chair; Dominic Cordisco, Bill Grisoli and Lorraine McGuinness. They worked for over the course of three years to provide the Village a blueprint for its future development. This is an historic moment for the Village: Our previous Comprehensive Plan was 60 years old. Thanks also to Jeff Small, former Village Planning Board chair, who attended many of the work meetings.


Enjoy the weekend! Stay warm. Stay safe.

All the best,

Brendan Coyne


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