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Local State of Emergency

September 2, 2021


Dear Cornwall-on-Hudson residents, neighbors, and friends:


This is a weather emergency, State-of-the-Village edition of my usual update messages. The tropical depression known as Ida certainly did not impact us as destructively as it did the Gulf Coast and even parts of New York City and Long Island. But the record amounts of rainfall have led to serious flooding in places and washed out portions of local roadways. Some of our water facilities – especially the Taylor Road wellfields – continue to remain submerged and subject to flooding. Blessedly, there were no reported power outages and though some storm drains in our roadways were overwhelmed by the volume of rainwater, we seem to be in “okay” shape infrastructure-wise. We have power and safe, clean drinking water. Some of our neighbors in the Town of Cornwall and surrounding communities did not fare so well.

New York State has declared a state of emergency that includes Orange County. This is important for us, as it makes us eligible for reimbursement from NYS and/or FEMA for any necessary municipal road or facilities repairs caused by storm damage.

With this in mind, and because a state of emergency need be declared, locally, in order to issue any necessary emergency orders for public safety, I have issued a DECLARATION OF A LOCAL STATE OF EMERGENCY, which is attached. In doing so, I have consulted with the Attorney for the Village, the Village Clerk, and the Village Board. I have also interfaced with DPW and Water Superintendents Halvorsen and Trainor. Most importantly, I have crafted this declaration with specific guidance from Cornwall OEM Emergency Manager and Deputy EMS Coordinator for Orange County, NY, the Village’s own Kurt Hahn. We will continue to coordinate with all appropriate local, state, and federal officials, in order to identify any potential forthcoming hazards and mitigate storm damage.    

It is times like this that we should appreciate our Village employees from the Department of Public Works, as well as the Water and Police Departments. Next time you see one, make certain to thank them for their 24/7 availability to help keep us all safe and efforts to ensure we all maintain Village services in the wake of natural disasters such as Ida.

Stay safe and healthy.

Very respectfully,

James A. “Jimmy” Gagliano

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