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Mayor’s Message Clarification of the Water Meter Replacement Project Edition

December 4, 2023

Dear Town/Village Water Clients of the Village of Cornwall-on-Hudson’s Water System,

A blurb in last week’s Cornwall Local in its “Around the Village” feature has led to some fears and concerns expressed on social media and related to the Village’s “Water Meter Replacement Project.” These fears are unfounded and related to some speculative, inaccurate, and erroneous information being circulated in posted comments section. Here are the FACTS:

The Cornwall water system includes 2,671 meters. ONLY 360 of these meters required updating. Letters were mailed ONLY to the customers requiring upgraded replacements; with initial notice sent via USPS in June of 2023, followed by a second notice in August of 2023, with a final notice mailed out in November of 2023. New fee rate for those who ignored these mailings goes into effect in January of 2024. THERE IS NO CHARGE FOR THE UPGRADED METERS. 

To date, our Water Department has replaced 265 out of the 360 outdated models (73.6%). Our team is scheduled to replace another 26 meters by end of this calendar year. This translates to 291 of the original 360 (79.7%) – which leaves 69 outstanding meter replacements (39 in Town and 30 in Village) for total project completion. 

The remaining 69 meters represent just 2.58% of our customer base. Over 97% of our water customers already possess a meter on their property which can be read remotely. The $75.00 manual read fee – which helps pay for having to pull our small team of employees off of other projects related to maintaining some 52 miles of water pipes, five reservoirs, a well field, and multiple treatment facilities in order to deliver safe, drinkable water to your tap, so that they can make a house call to read a meter -- will pertain to less than 3% of our end state consumers.

Important Note: This fee will only be assessed if the property owner has NOT made ANY attempt to schedule an appointment.

If residents are unsure of what type of meter that they have, they can call our Administrative Assistant Stephanie Xagoraris at (845) 534-4200 Ext. 250. She can advise whether meter requires replacement. I have posted photographs of what is considered “old” and “upgraded.”

BENEFITS: The new meters will read water consumption to the tenth of a gallon allowing for FAR more accurate billing. The old meters read consumption in 1,000-gallon increments.

New meters will allow residents to also remotely monitor their own water consumption system and set usage alerts from any internet capable device.

The new meters also allow our staff to more accurately monitor water consumption on a daily basis, while comparing it to our daily water production to monitor for water system leaks.

I hope this explainer helps to clear up any confusion. Water Superintendent Trainor and his team do an outstanding job delivering this precious resource to our homes, schools, and businesses. Both he and I (and our water staff) are available to any resident with questions or concerns.

On behalf of the Village Board,

James A. “Jimmy” Gagliano





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